About me

I am a professional programmer at Medius. I love learning new technologies, that's why I'm constantly expanding my programming skills with news from the world of broadly understood "dev". My interests range from webdev to data science.

In private I play the violin in a few bands and play with audio editors (mixing, mastering, i.e. everything related to sound processing). I have made a record of Egos, whose songs were played on Polish Radio 3, Radio Krakow and Radiofonia (listen).

The combination of these two passions resulted in an interesting initiative: help with the implementation of the biggest programming podcast in Poland - DevTalk.pl, by Maciej Aniserowicz.

In short, I would simply describe myself as an artist - programmer. This probably describes me best: I compose programs and compile songs.

For more detailed information about me, I invite you to my LinkedIn profile: