Kendo UI Charts renders category axis labels incorrectly for negative series.

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Kendo Charts with negative values

Recently I was playing with Kendo UI Charts. Everything seemed perfect until real data was loaded from database. All examples in documentation show charts with positive values only! Kendo with default configuration has problem with rendering proper category axis placement with negative ones.


You can play with the code here by using Kendo UI Dojo - playground.

There is no official way to fix this. You can add some padding for labels, but then value of padding needs to be adjusted for every data change, which looks like enormous hack. While browsing web for solution I have come across some tip, that it can be done with two category axes.

Solution with category axis

Finally I was able to place category axis on left side of the chart by hacking here and there. To fix you chart you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create additional invisible category axis. It should be placed in configuration array as the first one.
  2. Add to value axis configuration axisCrossingValue array. Values of this array are crossing points with each subsequent category axis. So we need to adjust the second value to cross at minimal value - because we want to place that axis on the left side.

Code definitely will remove any doubt:

categoryAxis: [{
    visible: false // (1)
}, {
    categories: ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun"],
    majorGridLines: {
        visible: false
valueAxis: {
    axisCrossingValue: [0, Number.NEGATIVE_INFINITY] // (2)


Please look at full example in dojo.